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The code doesn’t check to see which field has focus so the first condition is always true. To make the keyboard dismiss when TextField looses focus you will need to add a Delegate from the TextField to the View Controller Object . This first example to demonstrate how to make the keyboard move to the background when a UITextField loses focus. You can choose other options like a numerical pad depending on your needs but this example the Default value is fine. Other programs, like the Superuser, may also influence the upgrade problems, as well, but titanium file is the primary source. Deployment Target: Here you can select the minimum iOS version of your app, I usually select 8.0 so I’ll be able to run my apps on older devices too (like iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 SE). Most of the android devices use NFC (Near Field Communications) this actually allows electronic devices in short ranges to communicate with each other as for example the Bluetooth connectivity feature.

To respond to swipes in both directions, you would need two Swipe Gesture Recognizers but for out example we will only use one to detect a downward swipe. While this post focuses exclusively on how to disable notifications, we also have a much more detailed look at how to use Oreo’s notification channels for more granular control. On second place we have Motorola Xoom, a tablet that uses the Android as an operating system. My keyboard stand holds the tablet at a convenient viewing angle. The keyboard will dismiss. This covers most of the use cases for dismissing the keyboard. Make sure you use files with the following extensions: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pages, .xls, .xlsx, .numbers, .zip, .rar, .plist, .crash, .jpg, .png, .mp4, or .avi. So cable-disrupting Android box is built with all advanced streaming features that make it a must have gadget for your home entertainment. Build: Similarly to the Version, by default this value is 1, you must increase it every time you make an update and are about to Archive your project, because iTunes Connect will not process older builds. For tips on how to update your device using a computer, keep reading!

You can change it in case you’ve updated your app and need to submit it to the App Store as an update. In case it doesn’t help try clearing the cache partition by following the steps below. Attachment: This is a useful option, you can attach specific app documentation, demo videos, and other items to help prevent delays during the app review process. Notes: This box is where you can type additional information about your app that can help the Apple reviewer during the review process. If you carefully tested your app before submitting it to for review you shouldn’t get a rejection, but please note that lately, Apple hired bad reviewers who reject apps for insignificant reasons. Click Next and get to the app info window. App Previews and Screenshots: You are allowed to upload up to 3 app video previews and 5 screenshots in this section. Background Modes: UIBackgroundModes specifies that the app provides specific background services and must be allowed to continue running while in background. HomeKit: allows your app to interact with HomeKit accessories and create home configurations.

App Groups: allows access to group containers that are shared among multiple related apps, and allow certain additional interprocess communication between the apps. However, it’ll be wrong to judge the performance of each the operational systems in terms of outlook as a result of a lot of surprises are there within. There are a lot of communities in Java for this reason, and it’s also one of the most versatile and widely used. If you buy a product through our site we will earn a small commission from the retailer – a sort of automated referral fee – but our reviewers are always kept separate from this process. Repeat the sample process for the second TextField. Repeat the same process for the second UITextField. Click on the small arrows next to the Capabilities names to see what they are for. Right below the Debug toolbar you can find the Project toolbar where you can see the list of your files, search for them, see code issues and more.